Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad – filming a video for my wife for her birthday.

The Perfect Childperfect-child

In God’s complete sovereignty, infinite wisdom and perfect love, He provides us with the perfect child, or children, for us. He provides us the grace to parent them and strength we need each day.

“Every single human being is an image bearer of the Creator; thus, we are required to be very careful and faithful in terms of our moral judgment…. This means that we have to affirm without asking any other questions or without knowing any other particular about any other human being that they are an image bearer of God, and thus that they deserve the gift of life and the respect and dignity and sanctity of that life beyond any other consideration. It is not necessary that any human being meet any specific criterion, whether that criterion have anything to do with matters of health or intelligence or social status or moral qualification, nothing is necessary in order for human beings to have the status of being made in God’s image. That is because it is a status we have not earned or achieved; it is a status that is declared and granted by our Creator and by him alone.” ~ Albert Mohler, The Briefing on 6/13/2016

A Godly Father Balances Discipline with Love

Psalm 103:13-14
Proverbs 3:12

No Love / No Discipline = Neglectful Father (Parent)
High Love / Low Discipline = Permissive Father (Parent)
Low Love / High Discipline = Harsh, Authoritarian Father (Parent)
High Love / High Discipline = Loving, Authoritative Father (Parent)

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