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Fun Times with Dad: Cubs game on Friday, 5/6 vs. the Washington Nationalscubs56-ip

Go Cubs Go!

This Chicago Cubs team is off to the best start since 1907. 1907! That’s a long time ago. That’s before my grandpa was born! This year’s team is doing so well that you have to go back that far to find comparisons. The 1907 team started 29-8 and won the world series. This episode takes a look at the hot start to the season for the Cubs.

One of the many differences is that of salary. I think those players played for the love of the game more than the money. So many players, I think, probably play for the money, in that they wouldn’t be playing had it not be for the money. I wonder if this team plays for the love of the game too?

It seems like Manager Joe Maddon brings a lot of fun and relaxed culture to the team. The team seems to like each other which I imagine would help. Plus, let’s face, the team is stacked with really good players.cubs-marquee

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