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In this episode, I have the pleasure of talking with speaker, author and entrepreneur, Kent Julian. I met Kent a few years ago at a youth conference and have since attended his Speak It Forward Boot Camp twice.


Kent often speaks about this formula that he picked up from Jack Canfield. This formula is Events (E) plus our Response (R) equals the Outcome (O). The only thing we can control is our response. Our attitude is key to the resulting outcome.

Getting to Quality Time

Quality time can’t be forced in our relationships. It’s something that happens naturally out of quantity time. Kent shares some examples of how this looks in his family.

Quality time is something that naturally happens from quantity time.

The Difference Maker

It’s the little things we do, day in and day out, that make the difference. Being consistent in doing the small things make a big impact on our family. Think cinnamon rolls, not Barry Manilow…you’ll have to listen to understand what this means!

Live It Forward
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