Show Notes

In this episode, I get to interview my father-in-law, as his business, Steffen’s Jewelry, celebrates its 60th Anniversary. After roger-sixty-year-anniversryspending a couple years working in a watchmaking factory, Roger Steffen’s dad, Ray, moved to Rensselaer, IN and opened Steffen’s Jewelry in April 1956.

Like Father, Like Son

Roger started working for his dad in 1970 after getting trained in watch repair and jewelry work. In 1986, Roger purchased the business from his dad. Ray retired a couple years later and Roger continues in the business today.

It was not an easy start in 1956 as there were two other jewelry businesses in town at the time. But through diligence and hard work, Ray was built a successful business.


Family Tradition

Through the years, Steffen’s Jewelry has truly been a family effort. Roger’s mom, Lucille, helped with the book work and after Ray retired, Roger’s wife Vickie came to work for the store.

For several years they have also had help from their daughter, Heather, during Christmas season and at various other times throughout the year.

Listen in as Roger shares stories from years gone by on the history of Steffen’s Jewelry.

Notes from the 50th Anniversary