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Fun Times with Dad: We had eggs. I taught Alex how to make scrambled eggs. He’s becoming more interested in learning to be more self-sufficient as he gets closer and closer to college.eggs

How to Get Your Kids to Listen

Getting your kids to listen is a challenge for all parents at about every stage the kids go through.

In this episode, I talk about seven ideas on how to get your kids to listen to you. We have used all of these ideas at some point over the course of our parenting. The effectiveness of these tips varies on the personality of the child. Some ideas work better than others for different kids at different ages.

7 Tips for Getting your Kids to Listen to You:

  1. Remove distractions
  2. Penalize them
  3. Be patient
  4. Walk away
  5. Discipline
  6. Accountability
  7. Let them fail

Their failure to benefit from your wisdom will help them to recognize your wisdom.

What other ideas do you have on getting your kids to listen? Please share them in the comments section below.

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