Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: Taking Alex to meet with Indiana congressman, Todd Rokita.alex-with-RepRokita

Mary Poppins Musical

After again witnessing the musical production of Mary Poppins, I was struck by how much the show is about George Banks learning to become an intentional parent.

His son, Michael, just wants to fly a kite with him but he’s too busy being busy and involved in his banking career. But Mr. Banks is not just a bad father, he’s also a bad husband! He’s not supportive or encouraging of his wife’s aspirations of getting back into being an actress.

No man should be too busy for his own children. – Mr. Northbrook (Mary Poppins)

mary-poppins-121215In one of the scenes where Bert is asking Micheal if he wants to fly his kite, again Michael says he always wanted to fly one with his dad. After a bit of prompting from Bert about how proud his dad will be to discover how expertly he can fly a kite does Michael agree to do it.

Kids are very interested in doing things and achievements that make their parents proud.

Throughout the various events things turn out well for George Banks and upon receiving a promotion, George accepts with the following qualifier, “I accept, but you must understand one thing: from now on, my family comes first.”