Show Notes

In this episode, I sit down with David and Karin Brown to talk about their parenting journey. David and Karin serve in missions with BMW and spent over 20 years in the mission field spending much of that time in South Africa. Enjoy our conversation as we discuss the joys of parenting.

Prayer is Effective in Parenting

David & Karin Brown

David & Karin Brown

  • Prayer is much more important than parenting skill
  • 80% prayer and 20% parenting
  • Be willing to commit to desperate prayer for your children

Create a Strong Foundation

  • Stay intimate with your God and stay intimate with your husband
  • Be real and authentic
  • Keep your marriage at the focus
  • Keep your personal integrity – your kids watching you

Create an Identity as a Team

  • “Cozy Evening”
  • Make home the fun place to be
  • Use family trips as an opportunity to develop closeness

Challenges in Parenting

  • The “great stand off”
  • With each new ability comes new independence
  • You can not yield on points of confrontation early in parenting
  • What’s cute when they are young, isn’t so cute when they enter the teen years