Show Notes

In this episode, Justin Ricklefs joins me to discuss how we raise our kids in today’s culture. After watching the VMA (Video Music Awards) recently, Justin wrote an article about this subject for the Huffington Post. Listen in as we talk about the question “what is a parent to do with the mainstream pop culture that our kids are in to?”

Taking on the Challenge

Justin and Brooke Ricklefs with their five kids

Justin and Brooke Ricklefs with their five kids

Parenting is a challenge but it is good for us to be aware of what is mainstream so we know what our kids are being exposed to whether it is directly by the shows they watch, music they listen to and websites they visit or indirectly in talking about it with their friends in school or on social media.

6 Ways to Navigate the Culture in Parenting

  1. Communicate with your kids about mainstream culture. Don’t ignore it.
  2. Equip your kids to filter what is appropriate.
  3. Oversee what they are posting and looking at on social media and have conversations about it
  4. Be their parent.
  5. Intentionally make time with your kids for one-on-one time.
  6. Ask questions to draw out the hearts of your kids.

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