01-IMG_5214Show Notes

Bart Rinkenberger is simply trying, as many of us are, to be an intentional parent. Bart recently took his four boys on a backpacking trip to Colorado. In this episode I talked to Bart about this experience. He tells us what he did to prepare for the trip, provides some great stories about the trip and shares insights for how you can also do a similar trip with your kids.

1. Be Prepared

Do your homework before setting out on a trip like this. Talk to people who have experience in the type of activity you want to do with your family. Along with that, set up an itinerary to give you a guideline of what you want to accomplish on the trip. Finally, save your 02-IMG_5200money ahead of time and budget for the expected (an unexpected) expenses.

2. Execute

Head out and enjoy the journey. Don’t worry about accomplishing everything on your itinerary, but enjoy the experience with your family making time for spontaneity. Make sure to make time for God and unplug from technology. Also, be willing to adapt and divert from your agenda as necessary.

10-IMG_52683. Reflect

Take time after the trip to reflect and share with each other, as well as with others, your favorite memories of the trip. Note the “flip flop” story Bart shares with us!