Show Notes

Fun Times with the Husband and Wife: On the night of this recording, we got dinner out together while the kids were  occupied by Mary Poppins. Spit spot!

In this episode, we start a two part series where Heather and I talk about some of the decisions we were intentional in making along part of our parenting journey.

Decisions We’ve Made in Parentingphilandheather

1. Cutting Cable out of our Home
About ten years ago, we decided to shut off our cable. We do watch some shows via the internet or DVD but we can be more intentional about what we choose to watch. This decision came as a result of attending family camp to allow more time for us to serve the Kingdom more than ourselves.

2. Vacationing to Family Camp
We love Gull Lake Ministries family camp. (You can hear about it on episode 006 of our podcast.) GLM is great for all ages. It provides solid Bible teaching, a safe environment and includes a planned-out agenda. We enjoy the opportunity to detox from the culture and unplug from the world for a week.

3. Serving in Ministry
We have been blessed with opportunities to serve in ministry including some leadership positions in our church over the course of our years there. We enjoy this because it allows us the ability to involve the kids in ministry and serves as a growing impact on the kids. Through these opportunities, we have learned to trust God by saying ‘yes’ to some of the opportunities that have come along.

“God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.”