Show Notes

On this episode of the podcast, I interview Brian Sutter. Fundamentally, we have a hard time with connection and building meaningful relationships. This often brings pain and struggle. As a Mental Health Therapist, Brian is walking through the hurts and challenges with different individuals.


Brian and Alison Sutter with their children, Kennedy and Cash

Be purposeful in building connection with your kids when they are young (1-3).

Some Goals Related to Technology:

  • No screen in the car for <30 minute drive
  • 2 hours/day of screen time
  • Setting blocks on the phone

Create a Roadmap for your Child’s Need in their stage of life.

Roles of Parenting

Servant: In the early years (birth-2 yrs) mom and dad’s role is that of servant. You are building your connection with your child and primarily serving your child’s needs.

Authoritative: From ages 3-12, parents need to step in as the authority. It’s likely this is being developed earlier but at this age your children really begin to understand your authority and their boundaries. They need it and they probably want it but don’t know they want it.

Mentor: During the teen years, 13-18, assuming you’ve established yourself as their authority and have built that connection with them, you step into the role of mentor. At this stage you primarily focus on leading and guiding your kids.

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