Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: Teaching Alex to Drive

There are many benefits of having a routine, both for you and your children. In this episode I discuss three of these benefits and chores-routinehow our family has benefited from routine. Granted, we do need balance and need to be flexible enough to roll with the punches when stuff comes up, but even in your schedule you can create some margin in your day so every single minute isn’t filled up with activity.

As adults, routine is particularly helpful in the morning as we get into our day. We make time for what is most important and if you have a set schedule the first couple of hours each morning, it’s easy to get those things done that are top priority, like quiet time, exercise and listening to a parenting podcast!

Three Benefits of Having a Routine

  1. Provides Order
  2. Promotes Boundaries
  3. Promotes Obedience

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