Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: pulling the weeds2015-04-23 09.36.26
Parenting is about Preparation – for their future and the final judgment
What are your ambitions for your children?
Are your ambitions for them biblical or temporal?
Are any of them in line with true greatness?
Are your ambitions for your children more important than the cultivation of humility and servanthood?

4 Ways to help your children become great in the eyes of God

1. Be an example of greatness – examining your own life. Pull the weeds in your own heart.
  Take care of the issues no matter how big or small
  Ask for forgiveness. Set the pattern for them to follow when you mess up.
2. Define True Greatness for your Children
  Greatness = Servanthood
  Greatness = Humility
  be the servant in your life roles – in your family, church, workplace, community
  define it through your example
3. Teach your children to discern and admire true greatness
 Don’t celebrate anything more than you celebrate Godly character in your children
  Those serving in your local church – SS teachers, worship leaders, pastors, etc
  Missionaries your church supports
  Other Missionaries:
     Forrest Zander (Wycliffe Ministries) former missionary pilot
            Book – His Faithfulness Reaches to the Skies
            Blog Post Series
     Shadow of the Almighty – Story about the life of Jim Elliot
     A Chance to Die – Story about Amy Carmichael
4. Teach your children to serve
     Serve in the context of local church – find ways to help them plug in to assisting with ongoing ministries
Be assured that  parenting is something God has called you to and that He has personally assigned your children to you both for their good an for your sanctification. – C. J. Mahaney