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Learning to Let Go (lyrics)

There he goes, taking his first steps as he learns to walk
He’s almost one and he’s just beginning to talk
And oh how time flies, seems like we just brought him home
But it’s been a year, since our little guy was born

There he goes, getting on the bus he looks so small
But he’s starting school, he’s growing up after all
And oh how time flies, dear God please go with him
‘Cause he’s only five, he’s just starting kindergarten

We’re learning to let go and letting God
Take the reins of our child, we’ll shed a tear, wave good-bye
Time marches on, so must I, so carry on with a smile
Now go on son, go on and shine

There he goes, shifts into gear and he’s on his way
Just learned to drive, turns sixteen in a couple days
And oh how time flies, didn’t I just take off his training wheels
Now he’s got a car, to show off to all the girls

There he goes, moving his stuff into the dorm
After this day, we won’t see him as much anymore
And oh how time flies, seems like I just watched his first ballgame
And I softly cry, watch the rear view mirror as we drive away

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